Interactive Strategy and Promotional Analysis

We offer a custom and detailed analysis of your interactive strategy, with recommendations for maximum visibility.

We start by getting a customer’s-eye view of your online presence including your website, related social media and Google searches. Next we conduct an in-depth interview with you to gain insight into your objectives and goals.  Armed with this information we begin a thorough assessment of your company’s total online user experience.

You receive a fully documented analysis covering business, technical, marketing, creative, and competitive aspects of your internet presence.  Following each subject of the analysis we include detailed professional recommendations for you to consider.

Optionally we will produce a proposed timeline with a cost estimate for executing our recommendations complete with milestones and a target for a return on investment based on your chosen metrics.

Your Vision is Our Goal • Our detailed analysis covers the following:
    1. Your Goals
       •  Business Objectives, Current Marketing Plan, Measurable Goals, Milestones and Defined Metrics
    2. Website Visual Impact, Readability and Usability
       •  Artistic Impact and Colors, Delivery of Message, Navigation, Readability Index, Interactivity
    3. E-Commerce Usability
       •  Load Speed, Ease of Use, Security Issues, Up-sell and Marketing Capabilities, Discounts and Coupon Capabilities
    4. Website Traffic Statistics
       •  Visits, Unique Visitors, Page views, New Visits, Time on Site, Bounce Rate, Averages over Time with Comparisons
    5. Website Speed
       •  Load Speed, Image Size & Resolution, HTML & Scripting Code Validation
    6. Mobile Device Readiness
       •  Mobile Web, Dedicated Device Applications
    7. Domain Name Registration
       •  Domain Name Registration, Ownership Details, Expiration Date, Alternate Domain Names
    8. Competition
       •  Online Competitors, Traffic Ranking Comparison
    9. Search Engine Optimization
       •  META Tags, ALT Tags, HEADING and PHRASE elements, Search Terms and Google Placement, Inbound Links
    10. Direct Customer Experience
       •  Online Purchase Experience, Shipping Speed, Live Phone or Chat Customer Service, Product Return and Refund
    11. Social Network Integration
       •  Blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Others, Ease of Use, Look and Feel, Content
    12. News Articles and References
       •  News Releases, Feature Stories, Mentions, Product Reviews, Testimonials
    13. Traditional Marketing & PR Integration
       •  Supporting Print Campaign, Print Public Relations, Affiliate Marketing, Print Publications, Email Publications, Sales and Customer Service, Industry Marketing Presence, Feedback Mechanisms
    14. Hurdles
       •  Marketing, Technical, Business, Operational, Artistic
    15. Timeline and Financials
       •  Project Dependencies, Target Completion Dates, Milestones, Return on Investment
    16. Supporting Documentation




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